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My Philosophy

Stephanie Norby
Licensed Massage Therapist - MA60972692

For the past two decades, I have utilized massage therapy to help with my own chronic issues and injury recovery, and I understand the frustration and sadness that come from being in pain and not knowing how to treat it.
I was drawn to bodywork because I truly believe in the power of touch. Every body adapts and deals with pain in a different way, and I am passionate about learning new techniques to alleviate the symptoms instead of ignoring them. Whether you are an athlete, sit at a desk all day, or life just keeps throwing you curve balls, you deserve to be healthy and happy everyday.
During your session, I will use a variety of modalities coupled with my knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to assess and address the concerns I hear from you and from your body. I love empowering clients to understand their bodies and discover the most beneficial activities and self care options for their lifestyle. I am here to support you in living your best life, on your terms, and will do my best to give you new tools to keep you rolling.